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Florida Pool Fences - Should I Consider a Manual Entry Opening for My Pool Safety Fence?

Should I Consider a Manual Entry Opening for My Pool Safety Fence?

Some pool owners often wonder, “Should I consider a manual entry opening for my pool safety fence?” We know that the best way to prevent accidental drowning is to install a barrier that keeps people and animals away from the pool when there is no supervision. The most secure option is to install a pool safety fence. There are two main options available to enter and exit the pool area offered with pool safety fences. The first is a self-closing gate and the second is a manual entry opening.

What is a manual entry pool fence?

A pool fence with a manual entry opening means that in order to enter the pool you must remove a section of the fence. You pull a pole out of its hole and place it to the side, creating an open area to enter and exit. This process can be a bit cumbersome, and not easy if you’re carrying a child and pool gear.

What are the drawbacks to choosing manual entry?

It’s definitely not very convenient. It can take some muscle to lift out the fence pole, and you will definitely need both hands. Anything you are holding, like a child, will have to be put down on the hot pool deck. Before you can be done at the pool for the day, you will have to reinstall that portion of the fence or the pool will be left with no barrier.

Regular use of the fence opening creates significantly more wear and tear on that portion of the fence. This often causes noticeable wear on the mesh trim. Another drawback is the needed extra hole that holds the pole while the entry is open.

But the biggest drawback is that it doesn’t automatically close behind you! As a result, the fence is no longer an effective barrier to pool entry. And you have to trust those using the pool to remain vigilant and provide protection.

What are the advantages of a manual entry opening?

The main advantage is price. Self-closing gates start around $350 for the less reliable tension gates. A sturdy, strong, U-framed gate costs around $400. As a result, adding one or two gates will increase the total cost of the fence install. The manual entry option requires no actual gate or the added cost that comes with it.

Other advantages include that the part of the fence you open is unrecognizable. For example, unless you know where the opening is you won’t see it. Additionally, you can also make the opening larger by removing more poles. If you’re one of the many pool owners that wondered, “Should I consider a manual entry opening for my pool safety fence?“, now you’ll have a better understanding.