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Florida Pool Fences - 10 Best Pool Fence Shopping Tips

10 Best Pool Fence Shopping Tips


Pool fence shopping can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. You know the rudimentary ABCs as to why a pool fence is an essential piece of your pool safety equipment. Because, as a responsible pool owner, you recognize a pool fence creates that necessary pool barrier for Drown Prevention. But, do you know the specific features to focus on? You must consider the legal requirements. You also have to contend with the types of material and long-term maintenance per pool fence choice. What else could you be missing? As the leading pool fence installer in South Florida, we’ve put together this Definitive Guide to Pool Fences. For decades, we’ve helped families keep their kids and pets safe. Take the guesswork out of the pool fence buying process, with these 10 Best Pool Fence Shopping Tips.

With this Definitive Guide to Pool Fences, you’ll learn:

  1. Pool Safety “Must-Know” Rule (Always Check)
  2. Pool Fence Legal Requirements
  3. Child Safety Gate (A point of “safe” entry we take for granted.)
  4. Pool Fence Types
  5. Installation
  6. Visibility
  7. Landscaping – pool appeal
  8. Warranty
  9. Pool Safety 101 – Education is that additional ounce of prevention
  10. Other Pool Barrier options – pool covers and pool nets

Pool Safety “Must-Know” Rule (Secure the fence)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Florida ranks among the top 5 states for child drownings. Don’t let your guard down. A pool fence is part of that crucial layer of protection.  But, it is only as effective as how well the entry/exit points are secured. Make it a rule to check the gate lock and condition of the fence. When purchasing a fence make sure it meets pool safety standards. Not all fences are the same.

Even with a pool fence, points of entry can still be breached. Gates can be unintentionally left open. Think about the pool cleaner who may be in a rush to their next appointment and leave the gate ajar. Think about the grandparent with arthritic hands. Check to see that the gates are locked. Another form of entry that may not be so evident is the construction and design itself. Fences can be climbable with hand-holds or foot-holds (gaps where little hands and feet can leverage). Children are curious and determined. Given the chance, they will view the pool barrier as a gym. Make sure the safety fence you consider is clear of these potential weak points.

Pool Fence Legal Requirements

In the state of Florida, the minimum height for a swimming pool safety fence is 4 feet. Gates should be self-closing and self-latching. Pool gates should not be climbable.
They should meet ASTM safety standards. So, make sure to ask if the fence meets the ASTM guidelines. For mesh pool fences the spacing between the ground/deck and the fence itself should not exceed 1 inch. Also, if there are any gaps in the material they should be so small that a 4-in ball would not be able to pass through the opening.

Child Safety Gate 

As we touched on this before. a child safety gate needs to have a self-closing and self-latching lock. Our Pool Guard fences are equipped with the award-winning child-resistant lock – the MagnaLatch. This uses a lock and key and magnetic latch system.

Pool Fence Types

Wrought Iron: These fences can be expensive and the look may or may not be all that appealing depending on your aesthetic. Furthermore, wrought iron has a tendency to rust. Maintenance can be as easy as soap and water or touching it up with paint if you see rust.

Glass Fences: Luxurious in every way and luxurious in price. One thing to be aware of is that on very rare occasions a panel can shatter. It can be due to a defect in the glass itself, installation, or drastic temperature changes. Maintenance can range from basic cleaning to installing a new panel (should a panel shatter).

Vinyl Fences: Not all vinyl fences are ASTM certified. Some have spacing between panels that allow children to be able to grab or climb over them. They must be ASTM compliant. The other drawback is their low degree of visibility

Chain link or aluminum fencing: These are very poor choices as their designs can be easily climbable depending on the size of the lattice or space between panels.

Mesh pool fencing: Although this is made of mesh, our ASTM-certified fencing is strong and durable. Due to its affordability and see-through material, this is a favorite among pool owners. Our Pool Guard mesh fencing is easy to remove should you wish to get ready for a pool party and just as easy to re-install.

Pool Fence Installation

Of all the pool fencing options, the mesh pool fence is the easiest and fastest to install. Our expert pool fence installers are trained to install on various terrains from a wooden deck, grass,  and cement. Depending on the scope of work it can be done at most 2 days (weather and materials permitting).


You can’t get more visibility to your pool than glass fencing. But, if you are looking for an affordable option that requires less fuss – our removable mesh pool fencing is the choice. With its see-through mesh, you can easily view what is going on around or in your pool.


If you are looking for a pool fence that leaves full views, blends in nicely with your pool deck and its surroundings, and can be removed in minutes – our Pool Guard fence checks all the marks.

Pool Fence Warranty

Pool Guard fences are covered with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty over the materials and installation. Fences are warranted under normal usage.

Pool Safety 101

Make pool safety education mandatory. Know the pool awareness of everyone who can come close to the pool. Can they swim, do they know basic pool safety etiquette (no running around the pool, stay away from pool drains)? Do they know CPR? Make sure when someone is swimming, there is always a pool supervisor. Education is an important layer of pool safety.

Other Pool Barrier options

If you are looking for other affordable pool options pool nets and pool covers also offer the same level of safety.

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