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Florida Pool Fences - How Long Does It Take for a Swimming Pool Fence to be Installed?

How Long Does It Take to Install a Pool Safety Fence?

So to really gain a grasp on how long does it takes to install a pool safety fence, you have to understand about 8 to 10 factors. All of these factors involve your pool deck and have some knowledge about the fence that is being installed. For those reasons alone, your local pool fence installation company could probably answer questions, you may have. probably answers your question of “how long does it take to install a pool safety fence?” with a very vague: “three to seven hours”.

It’s not as easy as you might think. They truly don’t know until they pay a visit to your pool to gather information. Some jobs are extremely simple, while others have a high degree of difficulty and take quite a bit of time. While to know exactly how long it will take is probably impossible, by understanding the following factors you can gain a pretty good idea:

What is your pool deck made of?

This is one of the most important factors that any swimming pool fence installer needs to know. If your pool fence installer is doing a virtual measurement without going to your house and does not ask you this question, then you have grounds for concern. Why, might you ask? Every swimming pool fence has a pole every 3 feet that need to be installed into your pool deck. Some types of deck take two minutes for a hole to be drilled. Some material may be hard and dense, and it might take 15 minutes for each hole to be drilled. The pool fence installer needs to use different drill bits. This is dependant on the 14 different types of pool deck that he or she might encounter. The average pool deck needs at least 30 holes drilled. You can start to see how the time ‘per hole’ begins to add up. Concrete pool decks are very easy to drill into. Each hole is drilled out with a ‘core drill’ and should only take a couple of minutes. On the other hand, porcelain decks are very dense and susceptible to cracking. They need a specialized drill bit along with a high-speed drill in order to not damage your pool deck. Unfortunately, not all swimming pool fence installers spend the money on the proper equipment. This is when damage can occur. Concrete decks are some of the easiest decks to drill into. A standard pool (which is 15’ by 30’) with a concrete deck takes 2 hours to install a pool fence. A porcelain or marble pool deck can add 30 to 90 minutes for a typical pool fence installation.

How large is your pool?

The size of your pool is directly related to the amount of time needed to complete the job. Considering that almost every swimming pool fence is installed two feet out from the water’s edge, you actually need to add 4 feet to each width dimension and each length dimension. For example, a pool that is 10 ft wide is actually 14 ft wide to a pool fence installer. About every 3 feet, holes need to be drilled. Each hole takes time to drill, you can see how the time would quickly add up the larger the pool gets.

Are you installing a self-closing gate/s?

Self-closing gates are a big ‘time killer’ for pool fence installers. The gates do not come assembled. They must be built on-site or before the installer comes to the job site. The average self-closing gate takes about an hour to build for the average pool fence installer. For an experienced pool fence installer, it’ll take about 30 minutes. Extra holes need to be drilled for the gate and the locking assembly takes time to install. It usually takes extra time to align the gate as well. If you are having two and maybe three gates installed, you can double or triple everything.
You’re probably thinking, “ok, now how long does it take to install a pool safety fence?” Once the self-closing gate is built, add another 10 to 20 minutes for the gate to be installed on your deck. One gate installation can add 40 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the skill level of the pool fence installer.

Are there stairs on your pool deck?

While each stair on your deck may only be 12 inches wide, it consumes 3 feet of fence and needs two holes to be drilled. The reason why is the pool fence comes in 15-foot sections and a minimum of 3 feet per section. Each step needs to have its own section of fence, simplified: two poles with a short amount of mesh in between. In order to do this the installer will take a 3-foot section, cut the mesh down to 12 inches for example, and attach it to a pole. Often pool fence companies will have a ‘step charge’ to compensate for waste and the time it takes to build the pool fence for the stairs. The more stairs you have, the more time it takes to build the fence. Each stair can add 15 to 20 minutes to a pool fence installation.

What is underneath your pool deck?

The question should really be, “Is there nothing but sand or soil underneath your deck?”. When the holes are being drilled they often go through whatever you have for a pool deck. Poles, when installed, can go deeper than the deck if there is nothing but loose sand or dirt the fence will wobble. If this is the case the pool fence installer needs to change the drill bit on the ‘core drill’ and put a larger drill bit in. He will then drill a larger hole and pound in an aluminum sleeve or hard plastic sleeve which goes deeper and digs into the loose soil. The fence poles are then inserted into the special longer sleeves rather than the shorter standard plastic sleeves. This can add 30 minutes to an hour to a pool fence installation.

What is the shape of your pool?

A perfect rectangle amounts to a much easier job for a pool fence installer. Straight lines all the way. If your pool has lots of curves for example or waterfall features, it will cause more work for the pool fence installer. It is hard to determine the actual addition of time here but let’s put it at 10 to 45 minutes.

Does the pool fence installer work by himself or does he have help?

While this might seem obvious, the larger companies tend to have helpers for the main installer, while the smaller companies may only have a single installer by himself. If the pool fence installer does not have to stop to pull out the ‘drilled out cores, from the hole he just drilled he/she can keep moving rather quickly. The installer, for example, can be cutting the fence for stairs while the helper could be inserting fence poles into the sleeves in other areas of the pool deck.
A pool fence installer all by himself, with little experience, could take all day to install a pool fence.

The Human Factor.

You can throw everything out the window if you have a rookie pool fence installer. And do not think for a minute that rookies are not common either. Pool fence installation is not easy. You must have a solid command of tools, angles, agility, self-motivation, and more, all the while working out in the elements. Experienced pool fence installers have been on every type of pool deck and nothing will surprise them. One of the best questions you can ask a pool fence company is how long has the installer that will install your pool fence worked in the industry? Experience always trumps an eager beaver.

As you can see there is a variety of factors. These factors affect the length of time that it takes to install a swimming pool fence. By getting an idea of how long it will take, you’re better off letting the installer do his work. This way, you can set the day for yourself. If it takes a pool fence installer 2 hours to do the job, you lucked out. However, if it takes all day, it doesn’t really matter. In the long run, you’re safeguarding your pool and saving lives. Now you have a better understanding when you think, “how long does it take to install a pool safety fence?